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299 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

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Henn Sheng Ong is the principal of the practice.

He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Laws in 1986.

He is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of NSW, a legal practitioner in Victoria, Australia and an advocate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

He has wide ranging experience including:

Dispute Resolution

Commercial litigation and dispute resolution in conveyancing, mortgage, lease, franchise, family, employment and other matters at various Tribunals and Court.


  Commercial Construction and Consumer Tribunal
  Administrative Decisions Tribunal
  Local Court
  District Court
  Supreme Court
  Federal Court
  Federal Magistrate's Court
  Family Court


  sale and purchase of commercial property including multi-storey commercial buildings, shopping centres and financing of the acquisitions
  sale and purchase of shares in company and business including substantial acquisitions of local and international trade marks, brands and intellectual assets
  sale and purchase of residential property
  loan, mortgage and securities
  commercial and Retail Leases Act leasing

Commercial matters

  advice on various commercial matters including:
housing development and Torrens and Strata subdivisions
property joint venture agreement, shareholders agreement, partnership agreement, novation agreement, sharefarming agreement, deed of settlement and release;
asset protection planning, business structuring and corporate deadlock
tax planning, Pay-Roll Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax, stamp duty and GST;
trust deed, variation of trust and trust resettlement;
easement, restrictive covenant, extinguishment and cancellation of easement and restrictive covenant; and
change of by-laws, by-laws upon registration of strata plan and termination of strata scheme
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